Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Fabric Yardage

I am still working on replenishing my tapped out inventory of fabric yardage. Here is the latest piece.
You can click on some of the images to see them bigger....

Below, you can see the first step in painting this fabric. This is how I start most pieces like this. Lots of activity, contrast and drama in the initial steps makes for a denser, more layered final result.

Wet fabric!

This image shows the initial blocking in phase of the floral and viney part.

Then I add shadows for depth and definition...

The finished fabric:

Tine to heat set and wash. Another lovely length of fabric ready for whatever the future may hold....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Painted Fabric Yardage

Here is a hot and bright piece of fabric to brighten up a winter day!
This is yardage that will be used initially for display on a wall in an art show later in February...

and eventually may be cut up into pieces to be made into pillows.

I do enjoy the energetic "ad lib" process I get into when I paint fabric yardage .
Its completely addictive.

Remember, you can click on some of the images to see them larger.

This fabric gets heat set and then washed, and its ready to go!

Bird Fabric

This fabric project has been in the works for many weeks...finally I am able to make the paper sketch a reality on fabric.
This will be 2 pieces of fabric that will hang from a delicate twig and stick arrangement in a rustic lakeside cottage, in a tiny bathroom.
Here is how I started the fabric.

I really like the colour palette in this project...earthy blues and greens, with a lot of ochre and olive...romantic and old timey looking....

I was particularly happy with the faces of the birds. They have a lot of character.

I am eager to see how this fabric will be installed, and I will post pictures if I get some!!

Kitchen Backspalsh

Just because I haven't updated this blog in a long while doesn't mean I haven't been busy!
In fact, I have had so much work to catch up on, and still do, I don't always have time, even intellectual time to keep up here.
I have a few projects to post, lets see how far I get.
here is a tile backsplash full of fun creative ideas, I completed this work over Christmas...that gives you some idea of how far behind in blogging I am!
The tiles are 8"x 8" and run along the counter top in this cute circa 1920 cottage kitchen. The whole house is undergoing a complete remodel. The project revolves around a variety of whimsical pictorial scenes straight from the client's imagination, alternating with bold black and white geometric patterns, slightly art deco; the actual finish of the glaze on the tiles also has a vintage feel to it.

This was a tremendously fun project to do.

Nature goddess, farm animals, wildlife and space ship feature here.

If only! Bio diesel gas station!

Diversity and unity in the community.

Hail storm! And Mr Wind.
I will post pictures of the tiles installed as soon as they are.