Monday, January 31, 2011

Floocloth Set Almost Finished

These two matching floorcloths are now done, and I am varnishing them, satin in this case.....they get 3-4 coats of acrylic varnish, and then I will trim and seal the edges.....

The birds turned out cute!

These were great fun to paint, and I am very pleased with the results.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Matching Floorcloths Process Continues

Here you can see the plant design taking palce on top of the soft colours and patterns....

Its is a cheerful, stylised almost folkloric design, but distinctly modern and expressive too.

More pictures soon!

Matching Floorcloths Process

Here is the familiar process...stretch the canvas, prime the canvas, turn the canvas over, stretch and prime...
And start painting.

This design relies on the build up of a lot of patterns and colours to make it interesting and rich in the background of the main design...its important not to be in too much of a hurry here....

At the same time, the overall effect needs to be subtle and warm, not too bright or contrasty....

not harsh, not boring!

Just right....
Now some drawing takes place, with chalk, so I can easily make changes and then paint over my drawing, wiping away residual chalk marks...

Matching Floorcloths

I have been asked to do a set of two floorcloths for a kitchen, based loosely on some of my tile designs I have on my website...I made a series of drawings using the colours and imagery from the tiles, after a short discussion with the are some of my ideas.... Blogger has turned these two drawings sideways, I don't know why, and it's annoying me, but I cant fix it. Apologies to my readers.
The clients requested a bird image on each of the floorcloths, too..

In the end, they liked drawing No. 1, as did I!... they suggested a smaller bird motif...I amended the drawing as you can see here, and away we go!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Painted Chairs From Ocotober

This was a daunting pile of chairs to contemplate painting many, many colours onto.
First they all had to be primed very thoroughly, especially since the subsequent painting was going to be flat colour. I didnt want any of the initial pattern showing through.

The colours I was to use were all wonderful, and I enjoyed this job, even though it wasnt my usual expressive work.

Every time I added a colour or put on a new coat I had to be very meticulous to avoid drips, sloppy was painstaking work, for me.

But seeing these colours vibrate against each other was some reward for my care.

I painted them in batches.
Then, when they were all done, I had to store them to await pick-up... That was interesting (!) and provided some fun photo ideas I couldnt resist. I took dozens of pictures, all about colour, and those goofy fish swimming in schools all around the room!

Here are the fabrics that will be upholstered onto the seat cushions, later. pretty bright stuff!

Finally pick up day arrived. I must say, they looked great loaded into the van!

Fun stuff.

Another Big Catch Up for This Blog...

This project was completed in August 2010, and I simply never got around to posting about it, I had so many deadlines, I never found the time...but it seems worthwhile putting it here now. It turned out very nicely, and makes an interesting change from so many posts about ceramics. In fact, you won't be seeing much about ceramics for a while, now...that season is past...for a while anyhow. This is a mural painted on canvas, in my studio, and stapled directly to the wall. It is painted to match the floorcloth, also painted by me several years ago, which its looking pretty good, too.

I painted wooden framing pieces that are applied with finishing nails, and these cover the edge and the staples. It took forever to hang. I couldn't believe it.

But then I was done, and it looks great.

I had a wonderful time painting the water. The theme and style were the result of the client and I coming up with these ideas- a very simple tropical water scene, serenity, but with movement in the water... big, big clouds, etc etc.

Here is the canvas on the work table. You can see the stretched edge, and the extra area painted in case it needed to be bigger for some reason. In the end that was cropped off.

I also painted this little mirror, to match the mural floorcloth duo, and it's cool to them reflected in it.

There is silver in the floorcloth and in the framing that picks up reflected light. The ceiling is fun too, with the star lights ...they scintillate and flicker on and off...magical.