Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Atomic Holiday Bazaar December 11-12, Sarasota

Be there or be square!!!!

Atomic Holiday Bazaar This Weekend In Sarasota!!

Its here again! The fabulous Indy Craft Show is in its Fifth Fabulous Year. Its a wonderful event, packed to the gills with wacky creativity..
I will be there with my ceramics both days! I have lots of cool new stuff, and firing more Thursday evening...

Friday, November 05, 2010

Autumn Pottery Is Here!!!

I been as busy as a blur, feverishly painting pottery...
I get a lot of new ideas during this process...there are some of the familiar designs, some new twists and lots of great colour...check it out!!
As ususal, Bomba the cat supervises, and gives a critical eye, throughout the day.

I have some cute bowls with little bun feet this year. Here are some.

Sugar bowl and creamer!
Or soy sauce and chile paste!

More pottery soon!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Pillow Project Pictures

A couple of weeks ago I finished painting the pillow fabric I started in the previous post.
Time does fly. You can click on many of these images to see them bigger.
This was a tremedously fun project, since I LOVE colour (SURPRISE?)... and I was sad when these were completed...

The client really enjoys bright colour, painterly effects and a loose approach- my cup of tea precisely.

I didnt get really good pictures of the backs: basically stripes in good colours for the fronts.... later, when I photograph the pillows, made up, I can show the backs better.

But there certainly are plently of good shots of the fronts!