Monday, July 11, 2011

Delft Influence Wont Go Away

The painting of the Delft tile mural left me with a residual desire to keep drawing the fantastical and decorative flowers and birds I had put on the tiles... So I did a few large platter pieces, that seemed to be good places to work this thing out.

The backs of the platters have my more typical pattern work for backs of things... whilst the flowers on the fronts aren't so different from the stylised floral work I often put on pottery, anyhow.

Blue Tile Mural- "Delft" Style

Tiles are so difficult to photograph. These are no exception.

The tiles are installed in a shower bath area.

Here they are on my work table, before firing and after firing.

Seashore Pillows Made up

Here they are!

Small Pond Floorcloth

Its a small pond on a small floorcloth!

Nevertheless, it turned out very nicely indeed, and will make a fine addition to the kitchen whence it is destined.