Friday, August 31, 2007

Tropical Fish Mural Continues

After blocking in some more fish and coral, I begin to work steadily on one of the walls,
painting all the details on fish and reef, and then adding some rays of light coming down through the shallows.....

Tropical Fish Mural Begins

Soon these stark white walls will be transformed into a painted aquarium of darting tropical fish, brilliantly coloured and having a great time.

I block in the fish sort of where I want them, and then begin putting on paint.

For the first part of the mural, I just put a lot of paint on, to make sure there is enough depth, (no pun intended) especially in the colours of the fishies.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kiln Load : Big Success.

It looks like another great firing.

Nice colours!

Sharp designs!

Sadly, I have to leave pottery painting for a few weeks, while I do a couple of murals. Its hard not to try and do one more load of ceramic, I get a lot of ideas when I see the results of last time's ideas....I will try to remember.

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Suspense Of Firing

Here is the next load of pottery ready to fire, glazed and anonymous.

Who knows what interesting patterns and colours will emerge tomorrow around noon, when its cool enough to look at...?

A Successful Firing

In the previous post you can see a picture of this mug before it was fired. Check it out.

And here are the fish tiles fired. They turned out very nicely.

Here is the first batch of 2007 mugs.
Click on the pictures to see them larger.
Almost every piece of pottery from 2006 has been sold. The new 2007 models are in! Come on down.

I have one more kiln load to fire, to get the rest of the tile order done...and of course the rest of the kiln is filled up with more pottery. Mugs bowls and plates. As soon as I have a free 6 hours, I can fire it all.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tile Project And Some Mugs For Winter

I have a very specific tile painting job- 25 eight inch square tiles to paint with tropical fishes to faithfully match a shower curtain.
Since these 8" tiles can only fit into my kiln 14 at a time, leaving a lot of space around them, I am taking this opportunity to begin building my winter(as in "Christmas") inventory of mugs and other fill up the space around the tiles as I fire them.

I didn't expect to be painting mugs and things like that so early on, but when there is space in the kiln, one is compelled to FILL IT!

Following the previous few days of fabric painting, I can say I am still a little bit on "Busman's Holiday" - doing work, yeah, sure, but really enjoying it....

I will work on this for a few more days, and then I have a mural to begin in someone's home.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

More Fabric For My Inventory

I am still working on fabric this week....

I am in a short hiatus period while I wait to hear from a client whether they need a set of tiles urgently, or whether I will move onto my next large project- a mural in someone's home.
In the meantime, I am happily entertaining myself with fabric painting, and also rebuilding my very depleted fabric inventory.