Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tile Installation Day!

The moment of truth!

And the moment of satisfaction for everyone to finally see these tiles on the wall...even though the kitchen itself is not completed. I will try to get back to this post later, and add pictures from a later date showing the finished kitchen.

I am always very appreciative of the care and intuition that a good tile installer brings to the installation of these custom tile jobs. The tiles in a mural, particularly, are irreplaceable, and each tile has to be handled with utmost care. These guys did a great job.

Click on the images to see them bigger!
To see more of these tiles before installation, and even before firing (interesting) scroll down this blog page to December 23 2007, and January 23,2008.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

FINALLY! Tile Project Completed.

This kitchen back splash is finally ready to install! A couple of logistical things slowed the last stages: final measurements for the stove area (shown here) were hard to determine, and the narrow border pieces took a while to source, and to arrive...I wanted to have 2 full kiln loads for the last 2 I just kept painting sections as they were ready, and keeping it all for firing later. I did some extra little bowls and tiles for fun, and art work proposals for projects coming up now in January-February, while I waited...and now, at last, the back splash is all done. It has all fired beautifully...I am very excited that soon I will be able to see it all on the walls!

Remember! you can always click on the pictures to see them much larger!

Here you can see what these pieces looked like before firing

These smaller tiles are part of the section
that runs under the kitchen window.