Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bedroom Waves

Soon THESE walls will be transformed into blue waves too...!

After a thorough installation of lots of plastic sheeting everywhere, and always moving very carefully, I can more or less relax and get into working with the larger scale for a flowing sense of these waves....the effect is pretty cool!

The groovy mirror reflects the light from my flash onto the walls like light dancing in the water!


The final touch with the fishes along the top of the reef is now was an awkward space to paint in!

There are some very cute little fishies here! Click on the images to see them bigger.

I used the white trim paint to blend right into the sand along the bottom. Its a good effect, adding a lot of depth.

The remaining walls of the bathroom are going to have just stylised waves....and a few little bait fish swimming around, the idea being, that that's the open water, as opposed to the busy reef.

Through the bathroom door, you can see the work I have begun in the bedroom hall right outside.....

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lots More Fish

Standing in this room, you can practically hear the underwater sounds as you look at all these fish milling around!

Here are some pictures of my work space...

...its a little cramped, but one soon gets used to how one has to move around, being careful to avoid bumping things, or stepping on the plastic the wrong way.

Getting the lights in the right place is sometimes the hardest part, in small areas like this....either they are shining right in your face blinding you (and cooking you!) or your own shadow falls right on the can be very frustrating, and also a big relief when they are finally right.