Friday, September 11, 2009

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Table Finished

A couple of days ago I finished this great table...
I am very happy with the way it's turned out, and the birds just crack me up....!
You can click on some of these pictures to see them larger!

The Roseatte Spoonbill and the flowering ginger plant are the last two elements to complete the circle, or Rougue's Gallery.

It's quite hard to photograph because of the reflections in the semi gloss finish.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Painted Table Moves Along Nicely

This is the hard stage in a project, there is a lot to do yet, and I get conflicted about whether to work on the foliage and flowers, or to work on the pattern....I go back and forth, slowly developing the feel of the thing. As more paint develops the feeling of depth the painting starts to take on a life of its own. This is the fun part.

Lots more to do, but now that, for instance, the water area in the centre is resolved, I can have fun giving it a little more mystery and sense of this to the picture of it in the beginning of this post.

The flowers are blocked in with colour, also bringing more razzle dazzle to the scene...

Painted Table

Next Project is a small dining table. Here is the sketch on paper... Birds, water, tropical, stylised....all good fun.
I taped under the edges, and the centre area, especially. I don't want thick areas of paint gluing it together, or preventing me from getting the table closed later!
It was important to get the birds in the right places, and for them to be the right size, so I decided right away where to put them...maybe a little too soon...

I painted them out, to do more background work; go figure....however, since I still wanted to make sure they were positioned correctly, and that there was enough room for the clumps of flowers to come later, I then went ahead and painted in the birds just about the way I want them, but didn't finish them. They will get all messed up anyhow, as I do the leaves and flowers around and behind them. However, they'll be easy to fix andperfect later, last thing.

With this project, there are lots of layers. I have to decide what gets painted first. If I dont take the time to think ahead, I will end up repainting a lot of areas, as they get stepped on by the adjoining bits that should have been painted first....

Fabric Washed

After heat setting the fabric in the very hot dryer for half an hour or so, its time to wash it. Washing is not that crucial. I sometimes feel the fabric seems softer, but I think its more imagination. However in this case, since I used a lot of chalk to draw with, the washing will certainly get rid of any chalk residue in the fabric.It was very heavy all wet! And when the fabric is wet, it becomes delicate. The paint can soften after a while when wet, and its VERY IMPORTANT not to scrape, twist or otherwise disturb the paint on the surface of the fabric when its wet. When its dry its almost indestructible, and holds up to pretty rough use. Crazy. It was a cloudy stormy looking day. I was eager to get the fabric finished off and delivered the next day, the day before it had rained a lot....argh. What to do?? Nothing dries when its rainy in the summer here....and this piece was too big to try to dry indoors...I watched the weather radar on the computer for a couple of hours, and there was no rain anywhere...
I was a nervous wreck when the fabric was almost dry, and it still looked like the sky would rain a downpour....
I laid it on the picnic table when it was just damp,and the sun came out for a while and really toasted it nicely!
A minute later, I looked out the window and it was raining! With the sun out! Argh! I rushed out and got the fabric inside , before any of the rain had a chance to stick.

Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures in the future of this piece made up into the lightweight quilt that's planned for it.