Wednesday, December 07, 2011


After looking at my previous posting about this fabric sample for a while, I realized the fabric needed a whole lot more nuance and depth. It didn't have the mysterious gloaming quality I was looking for. Thank goodness for the electronic retrospect from  looking at one's work on- line. I went back into the studio and darkened many areas, and added more blue and more of brown-y purple wine colour. Much better effect.

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This is a small fabric sample for a will be for dining room chairs. As you can imagine, I certainly enjoy using all these colors and reflective effects.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

This Weekend! December 10-11!!
I will be exhibiting both days!

New Cotton Shawls

These lovely cotton shawls and scarves are woven by a men's collective in Java, Indonesia. They were a big hit last year, and I have  had many requests for more. Hence a large selection at this years Atomic Holiday Bazaar, this weekend (December 10-11th).
They are very fun to paint, especially the ones with the open work borders. The multiple square design ones are  lively as well. You can see more photos and commentary on my Pamdesign face book page (link above). The scarves flow nicely, but also keep their shape and keep a perky crisp shape around the neck, which I personally like very much.

Click on the pictures to see a slide show of larger images.

New Cotton Shawls

Very Large Kitchen Floorcloth

This is a very large, custom  floorcloth for a kitchen. Since the shape is a bit special, I made a paper template to make sure it follows the contours of the cabinetry exactly.

It measures about 16 feet  long, so finding a wall to stretch the canvas on was crucial. Luckily I was able to do that!

The design is very simple, however a lot of measuring and precision was part of the process, making a solid pattern I then could go over the top of with a lot of paint and texture.

Lemons are a theme in the Mediterranean style kitchen and adjoining dining room. They make a nice addition to the expanse of painted tile design.