Thursday, June 26, 2008

Deco Style Curio Cabinet Completed

Here is the finished will eventually be placed in the very pretty Master Bedroom; I will be able to take a picture of it in its correct location and context, to post here later.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Antique Curio Cabinet

Here is quite a change from many weeks of fabric painted with shells and birds! On the day I started this piece, in some ones's home, I forgot my camera, so I don't have a "before" picture...however, it was sort of dark olive, with generic pastoral scenes on the sides.
Not any more!!!

The inside is lined in gold/bronze velvet...and its old, and looks very cool with the metallic tones being painted on the outside.
The plan is to make it look sort of "Art Deco"...but not in an historical reproduction way, since its not an Art Deco piece of furniture.
I am having a great time working with the metallic (as ever!) and with the textures.

Pillow Backs

Here are the backs for the group of pillows depicting shells and underwater shore life. (See previous post!)

Monday, June 09, 2008

Underwater Seashell Pillows

Here is the next batch of fabric for the next batch of pillows....

The theme is seashells, and based on the colours in floor and cushion fabric, ''underwater'' seemed a good place to put them....
Here you can see the tile and fabric sample I have to work from. (Actually, the fabric isn't really as brown as it looks in this picture...)

See the ''eyes" inside the clam??

These pillows are going to go on an outdoor, covered, screened in porch.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Yardage Time


Here you can see the fabric being painted on the work table, and then in use, upholstered onto 4 lovely chairs.

This is another piece, slightly darker in the backround,with bright pinks and deep greens....

This is bluer, in over all tone....

Tile Project Revisited

As promised, Kitchen Backsplash Continued , Tile Backsplash Project , here are some pictures of that tile project, with the rest of the kitchen completed.
What a great kitchen!

Bird Pillows Made Up

Twentyone pillows all sewn up and ready for delivery! A satisfying accomplishment.Well, there they all are, lots of them!

Click on this, and the pictures below, to see larger.

Many of the geometric patterns I had intended for backs of bird pillows turned out so well, I made them into fronts too, and painted subsequent simpler backs for them. These geometric pillows make very good complimentary, or accessory pillows for the more elaborate feature pillows. (ie: birds, in this case.)

For now......Bye Bye Birdie. Next project? A few pieces of fabric yardage to replenish my inventory.....