Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tile Backsplash Project

In the midst of all the mug and teapot and plate painting
for the Christmas shopping period, I have also been working on this kitchen tile backsplash project.
In these first pictures you can see my ideas on paper, and some of the supporting materials for the project: kitchen design elevation plans, fabric and cabinet finish samples, etc.
The cabinets are a lovely light lime green colour...and one of the fabrics features alligators, flamingos, lizards, etc, all of which the clients were delighted to see featured in my tile artwork.

Here are some of the finnished tiles. The will run all around the countertops, on the 3 walls of the kitchen, in segments. Some of the areas are only 3 or 4 tiles long, some are much longer; and although most of the tiles are 6''x6'', the section under a window will be made of 4, 1/4'' tiles.

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