Friday, December 21, 2007

Atomic Holiday Bazaar, December 11: A Big Success!

Well, dear readers and you can see, I have not been a busy blogger...but I have been a busy maker.
This event, December 11th, was a terrific success, really interesting and very well attended. There was a line 0f 150 people outside the door when it opened, and that line stayed pretty much the same size for the next 3 was PACKED inside!

It was a mob. A blur.

I was so sad when it was over!
I cant wait til next year.
There were some wonderful outfits, and lots of good displays, but I never had time to take any decent pictures. Even most of the pictures I took of my own stuff were all blurry and badly composed.
It was a lot of fun to be in the room with a lot of other like minded creative people.

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Adrien said...

And you are always welcome back Pam! Have a nice Xmas and New Year and let's have some wine in early 2008 and you can be the DJ! xo, Adrien