Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pottery For Atomic Holiday Bazaar

I have been thinking a little about my display for The Atomic Holiday Bazaar, December 9th...

I like the way the pottery looks on the black velvet. Last year I displayed my ceramics on my hand painted fabrics, and it was a little busy. I liked it, but I think it was a bit of an eye full for everyone else.... (click on the link to Atomic Holiday Bazaar at the end of this post to see what I mean...)

Bomba the cat is helping me to make sure that nothing is too precarious in the display; he is cat-proofing it. So far he has been helpful .

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kathy said...

Hi Pam!!! One of your biggest fans here. Saw you last at Atomic Bazaar and you were kind to invite me to your holiday bash, which unfortunately i couldn't make but REALLY wanted to. Know you had a big time!!Your stuff, as in ALL of it!!, is so awesome, wish my pillow you painted would morph into a big chair or sofa!! Have you ever checked out The Piedmont Craftmen's Association in Winston-Salem, NC. They have some first class artists and a big fair in late Nov or early Dec. i think. Bet your stuff would fly off the shelves and bolts. Lots of those folks(shoppers) have second homes at the beach or in the mtn's. If you're interested and can't find them, call me! Keep making Sarasota and points beyond, beautiful!! Kathy Roediger(the eyecandy jewelry gal) 918-4320