Saturday, April 30, 2011

Seashore Pillows Finished

Here is the final pillow in this project, the crab. And the stripe fabric is for the rope piping. It will be cut into 4 narrower strips for that.

I also did some more work on the turtle and the seahorse today, depening the shadows, especially on the seahorse, which was looking a bit flat.

And here is the crab. He is a fine fellow. Or lady.

Seashore Pillows

This is what I am working on now. Four pillows depicting sea shore animals, some on land some from the water, and some that go back and forth! The fourth one, not finished
yet, and not shown here, is a crab.
The backs are stripped fabric, and there will be a fat, fabric covered piping around each one.

The pillows are commissioned based on a group of pillows I did some years ago. Its sort of hard, and then sort of easier to match previous some ways, the new ones are much better. I like to think my skills improve...but the originals were very good too. Not requested this time around are the gull, the hogfish (wrass) and the view of the birds' feet on the sand. Have you ever seen how seabirds often stand on their own feet, and have trouble getting going walking from that pose? Pretty funny.

Painted Upholstry On Painted CAhir

Some bright colours here- not for the faint hearted!!
I painted the striped fabric, and made the welting to cover the join of wood and fabric.

And its a very comfortable chair too!

Painted Chairs

Earlier in the winter I painted a variety of wooden chairs, one with an upholstered seat.
They were all pretty much vintage, and the upholstered one, clearly an antique, probably late 19thC or early 20th C.

Actually this carved , below, one looks pretty old: maybe Art&Crafts, or "Bungalow" style, from the 20s or 30s.

Chairs are very fiddly; the rungs and spokes can drive you mad . They require a lot of patience and detailed observation.

These two are matching (well, sort of!) swivel chairs. Bar stool height.

It was a lot of fun painting them, and they are beginning to find happy homes!
I have some pictures of the upholstry up next.

Cute Little Painted Bag

A sweet little canvas, rubber lined book bag, painted with fabric paints.

It was a lot of fun... here you can see it camouflaging itself to my work table!