Monday, July 09, 2007

Second Batch Of Pillow Fabric

Here is the set up for more pillow fabric. These pillows are all little compositions with in a square, or triangle, or rectangle, as the case may be. I have to know exactly where to paint. (Sometimes I make pillows out of yardage: fabric painted with an all over pattern. Then I just cut out the shapes I want after the fabric is done.)
I lay out all the framework in chalk, using set square and straight edge to make sure everything is even and corners are square.

After the fabric is dry, I heat set it in a very hot dryer for a half an hour or so.

Later today, or tomorrow, I will give it all a quick finishing wash, and hang it out side to dry.
Then I will cut the pillow shapes out from the fabric, and match fronts up with backs. And deliver to the client!

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greg said...

Wow. You really do have a great talent