Thursday, July 05, 2007

Desk Completed!

Interestingly, the client chose July 4th as the date to paint on the letter on the desk, just to have a date on it. Without any specific effort to do so, I actually, really did finish it yesterday, July 4th. it wouldn't have mattered whether I did or didn't, but its rather nice that the date there is the same date I made the decision that, yes, its all done.
You can see the work table now has fabric on it, all ready to begin painting for my next project... fabric for pillows.

Here is one side of the desk I neglected to include as it got painted. Lilacs, bees, and a frog.

Here is the desk and chair outside, getting ready to go home with the client. It all looks so beautiful in the outdoors.

Remember to click on the pictures to see them bigger!

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