Sunday, July 01, 2007

Desk Nears Completion

Although many days have elapsed since my last post, plenty has been going on , including a sudden, complete, computer hard drive melt down last weekend. That was fun.

Luckily I had not too long ago backed up about 16 gb of photos, Pamdesign website data, and other things, so there wasn't too much to worry about loosing. However, all of the photos of the elevator lobby (see blog entries for May) were at risk! Fortunately, we were able to transfer all the data from the old computer onto a new one. Nevertheless, whole thing was very traumatising.

My advice? Gentle readers: Back up your files. All the time.

Back to work......

Here you can see the planned for trompe l'oeil touches: cup, letter and pen....


Did I mention there is a chair, too?

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