Friday, March 02, 2007

Tropical Lagoon Mural - todays work

Having received some expert meteorological
advice today, I changed the rainstorm
quite a bit...
compare it to yesterday's downpour!

I have also started to add the little distant details that flesh out the bare bones of a mural in progress.
Its very important to do the stuff in the background FIRST.
Trying to fill it in later by painting around a finished foreground,
with all of its details, is a recipe for bad temper.

Much as I would love to jump
straight to the up-close stuff I have planned:
birds, orchids etc -
I need to get the background in place and satisfactory-
including all clouds and rainstorms-
before I move on to the foreground
and even the middle distance.

I am painting on a fairly smooth cement screed,
but it still has its imperfections,
and cement is non- absorbent, requiring a certain build-up of
paint before things begin
to ''gel'' artistically.
Even then, the ridges and roughness of the surface can interfere a bit with the effect, depending on the light.

On the other hand, this is turning out pretty good, and I am very happy with today's work.

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