Thursday, March 08, 2007

Birds Arrive

Even though a lot of the mural isn't very detailed yet, I decided to start adding some wildlife now, that way I wont have to paint out nice plants to put in an animal later; so often I do that, and it's so foolish.

This is a little green heron. They are very secretive, and hang out in the grass, and under bushes, usually remaining hidden and low key.


These are roseate spoonbills, They are stunning birds, quite large and eat by sifting through the water to catch small bait fish in their wide flat beaks.


This is a little snowy egret. They are not shy birds and are a common sight on tropical roadsides (not very safe locations, sadly) and in people's gardens looking in ponds and puddles for stuff to eat, little fish, frogs and probably bugs too.

Here are a couple of yellow bellied turtles sunning themselves on a log.


In the late afternoon this mural comes alive with the red light of sunset. Its remarkable. It adds a lot to my painting!
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