Monday, March 19, 2007

More Critters....

This mural is almost finished.
The final touches include a few more animals, so that the place looks really inhabited!

Here is a serious looking Gopher Tortoise, lounging in the grasses just as the path starts up the slope....

I added some drama to the water birds' activities in the mural by adding this white heron just as he is nabbing some lunch. At least I hope he got some lunch. Sometimes ''lunch'' gets away...

Here is the close up of this spoon bill,
also possibly having a successful snack....

The scale of some of these details is tiny; these birds are only an inch or so give an idea, notice the texture of the concrete....The detail you see here, in these close up photos, is almost not discernable with the naked eye, it's more like what you would be able to see with a magnifying glass.
(I don't paint with one by the way. Not yet!)

I am always pleasantly surprised when I look at these close ups, from my camera, to see the detail in the faces I was able to produce; its a mysterious process. I daub and feather around with the brush, never too sure if the eyes or the beak are really even legible to this degree.
It wouldnt really matter to the success of the mural. No one can see this!....However, here, and in other close ups on the blog, I can see that the tiny details were quite effective.. whether they can be seen or not!

Remember, if you click on the photos they get EVEN BIGGER!

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