Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Matching Floorcloths Process Continues

Here you can see the plant design taking palce on top of the soft colours and patterns....

Its is a cheerful, stylised almost folkloric design, but distinctly modern and expressive too.

More pictures soon!


Kathy Garvey said...

I so enjoy your postings. Your work is truly beautiful and amazing and I'm constantly inspired by it.

Carolyn OConnor said...

I love looking back and seeing all you have done. I really like the list at the side so I can find what I am interested in at the moment. You are an amazing artist and really put so much into the background. I can't imagine how detailed it would be if I could see it in person! Thanks so much for posting. I love this particular floorcloth very much!You are a big inspiration when I need a kick to get going!