Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Big Catch Up for This Blog...

This project was completed in August 2010, and I simply never got around to posting about it, I had so many deadlines, I never found the time...but it seems worthwhile putting it here now. It turned out very nicely, and makes an interesting change from so many posts about ceramics. In fact, you won't be seeing much about ceramics for a while, now...that season is past...for a while anyhow. This is a mural painted on canvas, in my studio, and stapled directly to the wall. It is painted to match the floorcloth, also painted by me several years ago, which its looking pretty good, too.

I painted wooden framing pieces that are applied with finishing nails, and these cover the edge and the staples. It took forever to hang. I couldn't believe it.

But then I was done, and it looks great.

I had a wonderful time painting the water. The theme and style were the result of the client and I coming up with these ideas- a very simple tropical water scene, serenity, but with movement in the water... big, big clouds, etc etc.

Here is the canvas on the work table. You can see the stretched edge, and the extra area painted in case it needed to be bigger for some reason. In the end that was cropped off.

I also painted this little mirror, to match the mural floorcloth duo, and it's cool to them reflected in it.

There is silver in the floorcloth and in the framing that picks up reflected light. The ceiling is fun too, with the star lights ...they scintillate and flicker on and off...magical.

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