Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Child's Rocking Chair, Last Furniture For A While....

This adorable child's rocker has been very fun to paint...

Funny thing about rockers, though, they rock. They move. Its was constantly surprising me when the thing moved as I tried to paint it....Hilarious.

I learned to cope.

The rocker is vintage. It has a damaged, no longer functioning music box on the back. The client asked me to leave it, and not paint it, I also left the vintage "Stork" label unpainted (not shown here. I should get a picture of that!)

This piece marks the end of a long furniture painting jag.
Next up: 20 yards plus of fabric with little fish, and dragonflies, for a client....I'm always pretty psyched by the variety my work brings boredom here ever!!! Stay tuned!

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Christina Gregoire said...

I love your stuff and I found it through a pinterest pin. I am repinning one of your chairs to my "Boho Chic for Boomers" board here:

If that's a problem, let me know by leaving a comment on any article (at the bottom of the page) at or you can try leaving a comment on Pinterest, but I may not see it for a while. I really like your work. Tina Boomerina