Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Chest Finished, And One More Chair

After a very bright start, I toned the whole thing down with an ''antique'', tea-stained look... The bright colours are there as a base, and to give life to the more subtle finishing touches. I tidied up the floral painting, trying to leave as much as possible of the original painting from the 1920's.

On the top especially, you can see that hot red shimmer through the subsequent layers of paint. Very nice.

And her is another great chair! It is an antique, I think, has a very pretty shape.

This chair, and many of the others I have painted recently are for sale in my ETSY shop (see link on this blog, left hand side.)

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Kyle said...

I love the way you've painted your furniture right there! I wish I was as skilled as you. I have painted furniture too, but I've hired someone better to do the painting. Alexandria, VA has this small shop where you can buy paint and all, and you can hire people there who can modify your furniture. They've done a great job on my cabinets. The kids and my parents love it! The visitors notice it a lot, too. Anyway, I took a look at your ETSY shop. Your gallery is amazing! More power to you, your blog, and your shop!