Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pottery update!

Its been a very busy couple of weeks....I have been too busy MAKING to take time to WRITE.. and more importantly, to PHOTOGRAPH. These are very quick and casual photos... I haven't had time to slow down and set up a nice photo for this pottery... I will later! I always regret later, not taking to time to document the work as it gets done. But it is tedious.

In these photos you can see a mixture of projects from these fresh water fish vases (the one with the handle formed into a hole is very exciting... a perfect set up for water and fishes... think SURF!

And here are just 3 of the pretty pastel and bright bowls made to add to an existing collection... I have painted many of these this fortnight!. Check back soon for more pictures of them!

And here are the teapots, and the butter dishes in the same style and colours... the butter dishes were painted to match pretty much exactly the existing one, as shown in the previous post... well, I think I managed that quite well.

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