Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pottery Projects Finally Get Going

As I mentioned some months ago, I have a large variety of pottery projects planned since December. Finally I am able to get around to them!

I have been looking forward to this work. I love painting the pottery, mainly because its so exciting to fire and see what comes out, hopefully something planned for.

This bowl is one of several to match the bowl in the photos, painted by me some time ago for a client.
The teapot is a variation on a previous teapot, (you can search 'teapot' in this blog and maybe find the one I mean)
The butter dish is being painted to exactly match the one shown in the foreground.

These are little tapas/snack plates for a set of 12.

They will have a bright green background when fired.

The faithful Bomba is always there to help me with my pottery.

Well, no he's not. This is his table most of the time, when I am busy in the other studio, he gets the whole place to himself. I have to negotiate the space with him now. He looks resigned to it. I am too.

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