Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a little more pottery....?

This is a specially comissioned teapot, and will also be matched by a set of bowls later, probably in March when I get back to more pottery work I was particularly happy with the way the dragonflies turned out. I didnt want them to be heavy or "scientifically" real looking.

They are just stylised enough, and very expressive.

The colours on the teapot give it a vintage, 19th Century look I really like.
To fill up the kiln when I fired the cat tiles and the teapot, I painted a few large pieces and a handful more mugs with some rather exciting results.....
I love the graphic feel the colours and the thick enamel look of the glazing give these mugs.
This big jar was particularly fun to paint, and I am very happy how it turned out.

Its actually quite large, well, bulky anyhow...the pictures here make it look small. (?)

This platter is a commissioned piece, and is actually too large to fit into my kiln, its 18" long, I think. I will get it fired somewhere else.

When fired, the colours will look a lot like this bowl...

That is the end of a very very long pottery painting season.
Now I have floorcloth and fabric projects...however, when those are completed I will be doing more pottery, probably in March....as the winter pottery frenzy spawned more commissions! Hurrah!

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