Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mural inhabited by sombodies.

The depiction of animals in a mural makes it come alive.

They make it feel like this place is talking to YOU!

Its not just an empty space....you have been noticed.

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Renee Wunderli said...

Good Morning Pam, Thanks for the intro to you art blog. I like your new work of the old Florida Landscape. Yes, sadly not much of it exists any longer. It's good that you are capturing it on canvas for "future reference". Another wonderful blog created by an old friend of yours....www.thesecondhelpinghouse.blogspot.com

Kate said...

Helloooo Neighbor and Friend!

Thanks for doing this - it's so nice to be able to watch the process and the beauty of your painting projects.

Hope you get to go see Ripley today! It's incredible outside right now.

See you Saturday.