Friday, September 29, 2006

Back to the studio.

Having completed the mural, now its time to work back at home, in the tile studio.
The project is a tile mural for a kitchen wall, and matching tiled shelf.
The centre portion of the mural features a lemon tree growing in a decorative pot.
Geometric patterns will frame the centre image.
The shelf contains similar geometric patterns, and some individual lemons scattered about.
Here you can see the lemon tree, unfired.

Here is one of the geometrics, unfired; four pieces making up one floral.
When the tiles are fired, sometime next week, the colours will be very bright and the tiles will be shiny.

Its fun to play around with the seperate tiles that make up the 4 piece clusters. See how the floral cluster can become a wigggly stripe!

Here is the lemon tree getting glazed, under the watchful eyes of Maya the cat. In fact she actually does most of the work. The whole ''Pam Marwede" thing is just a cover.


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