Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trimming A Floorcloth

Here are some more pictures of the floorcloths I used semi gloss to finish them with. I felt the duller sheen added to the low key, slightly vintage feel I was aiming to acheive.
I trim my floorcloths. Some people turn the edges over and glue a hem, but that tends to make a bump along the edge which also wears; eventually a line appears.
I trim using a VERY sharp utility knfe and a metal straight edge.
I then paint an appropriate colour, or colours, into the raw selvedge, and seal it with flexible acrylic medium (PVA, basically). The acrylic medium is also mixed into my paints, so that the whole floorcloth is very flexible and very crack resistant.

This work was completed and delivered back in Janaury, (!) But I wanted to finish telling the story.

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