Monday, May 10, 2010

 I had a lot of special orders for pottery to fill... I have been preparing for this , even while painting the fabric, by getting the requested shapes in stock, replenishing the glazes, all that stuff. its time consuming! And very nice to get down to the work after so much anticipation.
 You will see these plates fired, below, and there is a bit of a colour difference after firing!

The green stuff is the over glaze. It becomes transparent. Don't worry.

It's a huge relief to see the larger pieces emerge intact from firing. Phew.

 What you see here is the contents of two full kiln loads...both turned out really, really well..I was so pleased.

 Even when the kiln is cool enough to unload, the stuff is still to hot to handle comfortably. Ouch.

These were two great batches. Now many of these pieces are happily on their way to the people who waited so patiently for them!

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