Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Painted Fabric Yardage

Here is a hot and bright piece of fabric to brighten up a winter day!
This is yardage that will be used initially for display on a wall in an art show later in February...

and eventually may be cut up into pieces to be made into pillows.

I do enjoy the energetic "ad lib" process I get into when I paint fabric yardage .
Its completely addictive.

Remember, you can click on some of the images to see them larger.

This fabric gets heat set and then washed, and its ready to go!


Anonymous said...

This looks like a floral Jackson Pollock. Really. It would look fantastic in a frame on a big wall in a corporate office or in a trophy house on LBK.

JW (of course)

pam said...

well, yeah, JW I know...so, I can staple it onto a big ole frame- easy.
Or staple it straight to the wall, and nail painted- pretty half round around it to 'frame it" Easy also. So maybe I will have a few of these like that, in variations and put them in a gallery, yeah? I can do that. Ok, I will.
And theyre easy to fold up!!