Friday, November 13, 2009

Big Catch Up!

Many days ago, the final pieces of this dish set were happily and finally fired and finally delivered...but I havent had time to update this blog....I am very busy making more pottery, and more on that LATER....Right now I want to show you the rest of these dishes!
The platters turned out's always nerve wracking firing large pieces, so much work goes into them, one dreads any flaw...but these are perfect.It was very fun to have such a relatively large area (the platters) to work on too...Here are some nice pictures of the dishes in their final home...and you can see here the kitchen island and matching floorcloth that I also had painted for the same people, some years ago. k
There are some close ups here of some of the dinner plates that werent fired yet in the last post...the onion turned out really good, as did the potatoes, the radish, the beet and some others....

There wasnt room to set it all up, for one big picture...

but here are some nice details anyhow.

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