Friday, July 17, 2009

Three Fish plates

Last in the line of the latest batch of pottery are these really good fish plates.

I love their faces....

I broke this one.
Just, oops, it slid to the floor, and blammo. A million pieces.
It was entirely my own fault. I balanced it for a moment in a precarious (stupid) fell , seemingly in slow motion, while I stood helplessly watching. Some quick reflex type person probably could have caught it, but I am not that person. I have other talents, suppose.... Time to take a "break" (hahahaha!) from ceramics.
I think I will work on fabric for a while.....check back soon!


Greg W said...

They all look really great! The fish are so funny! People should only chew on fish with those plates

Anonymous said...

these fish bite back! look at their scary teeth!!