Saturday, April 11, 2009

Artwork On Paper To Complement Table

I was commissioned to also produce a set of three artworks for framing for a wall in the same room the game table will go. I didn't want them to match exactly, but to be be more colourful and fanciful than the table. They will work as a progression of three ideas, tryptich style.

Many of the elements from the table are included, such as the black and white checks, and the cheerful fish...

Working on paper seems to inspire a looser more florid style... or maybe it was just me.

I wanted a different feel from the table, as mentioned...Also wall colour form other rooms, and a colourful cotton print covered sofa will be complemented by the three paintings.

I finished the edges with gold, after I removed the tape from stretching the paper. The paintings will be floated on the mat, for framing.

I hope to have pictures of the whole room, decorated and pictures hung, to show the whole effect. its very difficult to show these paintings out of that context. Check back later in the summer!!!

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