Thursday, July 03, 2008

Painted Bed Frame

This is a wooden bed frame in several parts...its pretty interesting and lends itself to a lot of interesting colour is developing a slightly folkloric look....Here is the head piece before painting. The chalk mark is unfortunately where the mattress will reach to. It's one of those super high matresses... Oh well, I will paint it for a shorter mattress too, in case there is a change some day.

In the foreground you can see work being done on the foot board part of the bed.

Here are the finials. These were VERY fun to paint...and luckily they stand up, because if they didnt, painting them lying down on their sides, or leaning against something would have been very tedious.....


Anonymous said...

I thought what I did was great...but WOW!!! Your furniture is great! INSPIRING!

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