Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Compass Rose Floorcloth Begun

Here is a new project in the works..
..another floorcloth, based on a compass rose, with silver metallic detail.

To accommodate the width of this floorcloth, I will paint it on the wall. To be able to staple the canvas to the wall, I have to put plywood up.The cement wall is too hard to staple into.

Floorcloths are primed on the back side several times, then turned over, re- attached to the wall (or table) and primed again several times before the artwork is started.

Here you can see I have finished the priming and I meticulously draw out the design in chalk all at once in the beginning-rare for me. Since its a very specific design, I carefully measure and center it. In the end I will probably paint over a lot of this painstaking measuring and have to do some of it again as I continue to paint over different bits.

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