Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back to the Tropical Cabinet

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Having quickly wrapped up the chairs and the Baby Cabinet, now I am able to return to the little jewlery cabinet.

On the table you can see the piece of my painted fabric that was the inspiration for the colour and feel of this piece.

I did end up using a little too much of the hot colours- the reds and yellows... In good time, the client was able to remind me that one of the ideas she was very excited about was the quality of the darker indigo and purple tones that made her feel like the leaves and flowers were shining in the dusk. I was able to quickly add more dark blue and violet, to the front of the piece, painting over the orange that somehow was taking over the front and and some other areas. No harm done!

On this new blue area, I will add the gold and swirls, to add a lot of pattern and dimension before I add the leaves.

The last step will be the bugs flitting magically amongst pieces of jewlery in this tropical woodland.

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