Friday, December 22, 2006

Time flies....

Good Heavens! Is that the time? I see now that several weeks have passed since my last entry, I knew it had been a while....

The life of any artist consists of many work related activites that are not very compelling to blog about... for example,
streching canvas:

Above ,you see one of the steps in the the preparation for a canvas floorcloth.
Heavy canvas (heavier than that used for a regular painting) is stretched, in this case, since it will fit, on a table. It is easier in many ways to paint on the table, I can use more liquidy paint when I feel like it, without worrying about dripping....large floorcloths are stapled and stretched on a wall, and that makes them also easier to see, and reach! Everything has its good points.

Here is the back of the floorcloth to be. This side has been primed various times, with a special paint formula I concoct to ensure the flexibility of the finished floorcloth. Very important.

The final coat for the back is a colour I feel will be keeping with the finished work, which will be on the other side.

I turn the whole thing over, staple it firmly to the table and begin again the priming process on what will be the front of the floorcloth.

After a few coats, I begin my art work.

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